XalgoDevRM is a developer-oriented local command-line application to author, publish and maintain rules and data on the Internet as XRS data packages (Xalgo Rule Schema). XRS data packages can, with a parsing library, run in any stand-alone developer (Dev) environment.

XalgoDevRM is intended for deployment across a network that is also comprised of autonomous instances XalgoDevRT and XalgoDevRF:

Together the operation of these XalgoDev elements are intended to enable a ‘minimum viable’ reference implementation of an Internet of Rules (IoR), oriented to the needs of developers. An IoR is envisioned as a distributed, general purpose method for any person to author, publish, discover, fetch, scrutinize, prioritize and optionally automate normative rules on digital networks with precision, simplicity, scale, volume and speed. The purpose of an IoR is to enable anyone on the network to readily discover and obtain factual knowledge of all available normative rules (MUST, MAY and SHOULD, or their various synonyms and negatives) that are ‘in effect’ for their context and ‘applicable’ to their particular circumstance.

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The current version 0.4 is only optimized for desktop use. A minor update is pending that will enable use from mobile devices.

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